Paula did an amazing job of helping me create an updated resume which was appealing to prospective employers, very descriptive and highlighted my skills. Additionally, Paula helped me prepare for interviews by providing me with valuable interviewing advice. I can’t thank Paula enough for her assistance, after having my position eliminated after 24 years, I was able to secure a comparable position at a competitor, at a higher wage, within 10 days.”

Steve D.


“I went to your Strategic Job Search seminar a few weeks ago and you gave me the best advice ever about how I fill out online resumes. Once I started refining my experience, things really took off. It made all the difference in the world. I started getting noticed more by prospective employers. I received many calls, went on many interviews and found my current job. I have been telling everyone how things really turned around for me after I followed your suggestions. Thank you very much. Your advice made all the difference in the world.”
Pamela Yang


“Paula’s interview coaching helped me land a coveted auditing job during a slow hiring cycle. I was returning to the workforce after years raising children. She helped me transfer my volunteer jobs to relevant work experience. I learned to convey the value I could give potential employers and gained confidence to do well in the interviews.”

Cindy P.

“I highly recommend Paula if you need some guidance with your resume. It was time to dust the old resume off and update my information to look for a different job. The problem was, my resume was 7 years old. I had more responsibility at the current job but wasn’t sure how to convey it. Resumes change over time and evolve into something different from what you may have put together. Paula was a god send. I’ve had tons of hits after she reformatted and updated my resume in a very professional and timely manner. My old resume was mediocre, by the time Paula was done, it was Superstar Status!!! With a sidekick (cover letter). My phone was ringing and emails were in the inbox the next morning after I started sending them off. ” 

Christina E. 

I met with Paula after applying for a position within a local public safety department. My second interview was just days away and I wanted some helpful advice to further myself in their hiring process. Paula listened to my concerns and thoughts. Paula was professional with the feedback she gave me, always allowing me to elaborate on her ideas as well. She worked with me, not for me. Paula was knowledgeable in the questions typically asked during an interview and also the reasons behind those questions. Paula’s advice and guidance helped me to advance further into the hiring process.

Tim A.