Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the resume writing / coaching process like?

It depends what you need. The process is individualized for each client. You are not investing in a package of services that you may not necessarily need. Some clients only need their resume completed. Some clients need Career Coaching to help identify their next step and develop a plan. Most clients utilize me for a mix of writing and coaching services.

How does the resume writing process go?

The first step is a phone consultation to discuss industries you are targeting and your timeline for completion. You’ll complete a resume questionnaire to help identify your skills, results, and qualifications. We meet to go over your questionnaire identifying how you can you stand out, what we should highlight, and how to explain gaps and career transitions. Five business days later – you’ll have your first draft.

How soon can my resume be finished?

After we meet (via phone or face-to-face) you’ll receive your first draft in 5 business days. The first draft will be 90-95% complete. I may need some more information or you may want something tweaked. The last details are then completed and your final copy is sent in both Word and PDF formats.

Do you conduct mock interviews?

Yes! Interview coaching is a large part of the work I do. Clients email relevant information and I prepare industry/job specific questions. We meet via phone, Skype, or face to face for the coaching session. I provide specific and honest feedback throughout the meeting and follow up with notes of the session and suggestions for improvement.

My resume is pretty good and I can make changes myself. Do you offer critiquing?

Absolutely! Many jobseekers are in this spot and may not want to invest in the cost of a resume rehaul. I do offer critiquing sessions. This is a hourly coaching session focusing on improving your resume for a specific industry/target. You email me your document, I prepare a formal critique, and we talk over my suggestions during our session. The cost is $65.00/hr.

Is your process confidential?

Yes.I understand how important trust is and take every measure to safeguard your personal information and our client-coach relationship.