Using LinkedIn for Under-The-Radar Job Search

If you are like many job seekers, your goal is to attract positive attention and remain visible with recruiters and connections while keeping your job search private. Show your passion for your current employer and industry while showcasing your accomplishments with these 8 tips.


1.     Turn off notifications to network connections in your Account Settings & Privacy. Review all your privacy options to ensure your profile edits are buttoned up.

 2.     Add keywords that are critical to your target role. Include industry-specific keywords in these five sections; headline, summary, experience, skills, and education.

 3.     Make gradual updates to your profile to not raise any red flags with your employer.

 4.     Tow the company line. The most sought-after candidates are those who are great at their current jobs and love their current employers. Proudly display your company banner and share posts of new product lines. A secondary benefit is that your company is less likely to question your LinkedIn activities if they see you proudly representing them.

5.     Share industry-relevant articles on trends, lessons learned, and inspiring ideas. People notice and remember smart individuals who give reliable advice. 

6.     Consider turning on your visibility to recruiters through LinkedIn. Visit the Jobs menu option (briefcase icon) and click on the blue pencil by Career Interests. Toggle the “Let Recruiters Know You’re Open to Opportunities” switch to “ON” to turn on your visibility to recruiters.

7.     Join new industry groups to stay abreast of technology trends and more easily connect with individuals within your target industry. Check your privacy settings to make sure you keep memberships to these groups private.

8.     Download LinkedIn’s Job Search Mobile App and be assured that searching for jobs through LinkedIn is private. According to LinkedIn, “all actions taken in the LinkedIn Job Search mobile app are private, and no notifications will go out to your network.”


Paula Christensen